October 8, 2007

Fall River Treasure

"Over the river(s) and through the woods..... To a treasure of a bead store, did I go." Never mind that I get lost in my own back yard and inadvertently also saw Providence RI and Quincy MA on this trip....... It was a wonderful trip to do a series of workshops at Turquoise-StringBeads in Fall River Mass.

I'm used to New Hampshire's brick mill buildings and was wonderfully surprised to see all of the beautiful old granite block mills still standing and being put to other uses now. I love seeing some of the neat details when you get close to them.

There are these beautiful iron rounds across the width of every floors - I'm assuming they are used to hold the walls upright and parallel?



I've always been fascinated seeing how previous generations mend things and often find them miniature works of art. This piece of screening was mended with wire that was much larger than the original metal fabric.

When I arrived at my destination, I was totally surprised at what I found inside this industrial old mill building.

Go up the stairs and turn left .....

And you find a very comprehensive bead shop staffed by the most delightful and helpful people.

.....and lots and lots and lots of beads.

Every bead shop should have a classroom that is big enough to dance in.

What a pampered, delightful experience for a visiting instructor. I do know that I hope they invite me back next year.
If you are ever in that neck of the woods, be sure to stop in as I know you'd enjoy visiting this shop or attending workshops there. Oh, and did I mention "sparklies"? There are crystals everywhere - in all of their glorious colors, sizes and shapes!


  1. I am so jealous, until we moved in January Turquoise was my home away from home and I made trips in most weeks to bead with friends. Thanks for posting the photos of the class space, it hadn't been painted yet before I had to leave.


  2. What a great place to go visit! I love the big classrooms. I hope someday I can come back to visit NH. It would be fun to take a side trip over there