August 14, 2010

Really is Bead Crochet

I spent most of the day at a Blueberry Fiddle Festival listening to some local talent. That meant I could sit and crochet the last samples that I needed for the "Triangular Bead Crochet" eBook. This is a detail of one of the bracelet projects and I'm quite pleased at the way it came out. . . ever so Sea Urchin spiny looking but very soft and supple feeling. It's hard to believe that this really is a bead crochet rope. Several people stopped and asked what I was doing. They had a hard time believing that the long string of beads ended up looking like this when crocheted.
This means that I can format and write the last third of the book. Then it's off to an Editor to make my content sensible, organized and spelled right. The last step is for my layout/stylist to tweak everything into a graphic sensibility that is pleasing to the eye.
Same technique, similar bead layouts, but such a different look when finished. Now I'm starting to get excited about this project. Still a lot of work left to be done, but I'm beginning to see an end in sight.

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  1. Looks beautiful! Still need moi as an editor?