August 24, 2010

Home Depot Beading Supplies

I was looking for closet furnishings over the weekend and also found some great end caps for . . . bead crochet ropes.

Now the white would have looked better on this rope, but it was the only 11/0, 6-around rope I could put my hands on to give these a trial fit. Nice, very nice looking. Another plus is that they are a very soft plastic which helps keep necklaces metal-free.

Closet Maid TM makes these to fit on the ends of their shelf wires. I found them in white, bronze and these nickel colored ones. The Small ones are a perfect fit on 11/0, 6-around ropes. I'm pretty sure that the large ones will fit an 8/0, 6-around rope but, didn't get any to try out. Twenty of these for around $2 makes them about 10 cents each. Not too shabby at all.

You'll still need to poke a hole in the end of the cap, but that is easily done with a regular sewing needle.

Between these and the screw covers there are a few color choices that just might work for you. These nickel colored ones with flecks of sliver in them would be a nice neutral color for most dark ropes.

I can't believe that I'm shopping for beading supplies at Home Depot!

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  1. I regularly scour the hardware aisles for things I can turn into jewelry supplies... :-)