August 16, 2010

Work to be done

I desperately need to pick up my work space so I can set up to do a major photo session. Yesterday I couldn't take a photo that was in good focus to save my soul. Everything had something that wasn't quite right or fuzzy or blue colored. Murphy's Law at work!
Today it rained, I couldn't use the natural light out on the deck and I couldn't find a clear flat horizontal surface in the studio. Tomorrow should be a sunny, clear, better day.

I like figuring out new patterns and trying them out in short sample pieces. What I don't like is getting all of those itty bitty pieces photographed for publication. Bead Crochet is particularly difficult as I'd like to show all sides of the rope and with a 3" rope, that's not easy to do. This becomes the "work" part.

Even though I'm working with self-imposed deadlines, if I procrastinate too much it soon becomes another year later and nothing has been done.

Then there are pieces like this one . . . I made a poor choice of beads for a photograph. The color lined drops are fantastic. They flash and change and have a glow-in-the-dark quality. However, you can't see the pattern that I was trying to illustrate at all. There is no way I can use this piece in any way for publication.

I guess you have to have the work along with the fun. I'm just whining that I've had the fun and what's left now is the work. Sort of like leaving the peas on my plate til the last because I don't like peas.

1 comment:

  1. I hate to say it, but it's nice to know that artists of your caliber struggle with the same things as the rest of us.

    I would much prefer spending ALL my time just making things than having to deal with setting them up and photographing them, or even writing out instructions for patterns, but it just doesn't work that way.

    So eat all those peas, young lady! :-)