February 7, 2012

Tucson 2012 - Day 2

Toho Hybrids in 8/0 & triangles in some different colors.

Last Thursday I managed a quick trip to the Doubletree show as I was after some Toho seed beads. It's not one of my favorite bead shows, so I sort of ran in and out. Sometimes I really wonder about today's customer service. I stopped at John Bead Corp. to ask some questions and came away very much annoyed. It's been ages since I've had a sales person make a snide comment (as if to say, "you can't afford us"), turn his back and walk away from me. Contrast that to York Beads and a delightfully helpful Perry, where I cheerfully purchased a sampling of Twins, spikes and Czech Picasso 10/0's.

Isn't this a great Picasso mix? I added my fair share of them to my stash.

Passing through one of the exterior tents, I was struck by how cheery the sun looked coming through all of that glass


I spent the rest of my time at the Best Bead Show. I guess I was just too busy visiting to snap any photos. Once a year I get to catch up with distant friends in the bead world.

This is one of the tents at the Best Bead Show for all of you who have never seen what Tucson can be . . . multiple this by 100+ and you can understand what a sensory overload it can be.

I have a small bead budget this year as I really don't need anything. I went more to see what was happening and what was new and different. Sorry to say, "not much". At least the overwhelming sense of garishly colored, dyed beads seemed at a minimum this trip.

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  1. Those picasso beads look beautiful. I'm glad you got to catch up with some beady friends.