February 13, 2012

BCPD - Bead Crochet Software

2-17-2012 update: PC based only - no Apple i-anything, however  I've been told that it will work on Windows Virtual Machine on an Intel-based Mac.

It's done... finally done... BCPD
A new version of the bead crochet design software for the PC.  It doesn't have a lot of fancy bells and whistles, but it's elegantly simple and does what it does very well.  Bead Crochet Pattern Designer (BCPD) lets you do patterns up to 89-around and 85 rows.  Well, that's almost a purse, not a plain rope!

I did both the Urban Stripes and the Native Stripes projects with the software.  Of course I had "broken" versions,  "test this" versions. "do you like this" versions and I managed to find every fault and problem there was.  I still managed to design all of the sections for my two projects in spite of the problems along the way. I love not having to hand write a stringing table and being able to see how a pattern meets in the back of a rope.

The program has:
* 14 Bead color palette key, customizable with a color wheel

* 3-around to 89-around
* 2 to 85 row graph
* Rotating zipper graph and rope simulations
* Stringing table with bead counts
* Graph zooms to 5 levels
* You can open, save and print designs
*  HELP/Quick Start information

It will be for sale at Bead-Patterns in the next couple of days.  I just need to tie up some of the small details.

I'm excited that now it'll be easier for people to design their own patterns.


  1. Congratulations! What a lot of work! I have enjoyed working with the string-along "Native Stripes" and look forward to seeing how it looks and wears when I am done. I am anxious to see your new product.....again, huge congrats! -Marlene

  2. Congrats on the completion of BCPD. I can't wait to try it...but...I am an Apple imac person.
    Will the program work on Apple software??? I sure hope so!

  3. I'm sorry, but it's PC only... no Apple i-anything. I've been told that it will work on Windows Virtual Machine on an Intel-based Mac.