February 29, 2012

Breakfast with the Birds . . .

I have a 4 gal. bucket of 4 yr old pecans on the back porch.  A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the woodpeckers were helping themselves.  However it got to the point that there were no more split/cracked nuts and they took to sitting on the rocker and screeching at me in the studio. Some people have dog or cat bowls and I decided to see if I could entice the Gilas with a bird bowl on the table outside of my window.

Didn't take long for them to figure out that I had cracked a bowl full of pecans for them.  The male would come get half a nut, fly up the the mesquite tree, wedge it into a knothole and eat his nut.

 The females are a lot quieter and don't do as much yelling as the male.

This morning I've been sitting at my computer, drinking coffee and watching a few other birds at my bird bowl. Hey, I'm having breakfast with the birds

The cactus wren is a social bird.  The have a bit to eat and then hop on the window sill, look in, as if to say, "join me?"

I've had a good laugh at the pushy curved bill thrasher.  He sweeps around in the bowl, picks up a nut piece and if it isn't to his liking, drops it over the side of the bowl.  He's gone now and there are nut shells all over the table and porch floor.  Sort of like a two year old and their toys.

I'm not getting much done this morning with the bright sun coming in the window and the big birds coming and going on the table outside.

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