February 9, 2012

Tucson 2012 - Fun Day

Wouldn't this fossil make a great bead design? How and what are wide open, but oh, the possibilities.

Last Thursday was a pure fun trip to look at the rocks, fossils & minerals. I always look at the big spheres with longing - cost & size defeat my owning one of them.

Rocks & crystals, in their natural shapes as well as carved and polished for display are everywhere.

At first glance, I thought "pickles and olives" - "condiments"?

No . . . jars of fire agate rough in water so that you can admire the flash in the chips.

I was sitting in one of the courtyards listening to these beautifully sculpted water forms. Along came a couple of garrulous gentlemen who didn't know I was eavesdropping. I can't repeat their conversation, but their take on the form was hilarious and (ahem) fraught with sexual innuendos.

In between the rocks one tends to find bead surprises. This booth of vintage beads, findings and chain was a gem. I looked, touched, petted and in the end had to decide to not purchase anything. It's the vintage colors that I like so much. I asked all of my bead vendors (and then some) for opaque, primary colored beads. "Nope, not popular for several years" or "Nobody uses those colors today". I admire all of the intricate fantasies that many of the bead designers create, however I have a yen to work with matte primary colors, preferable in the vintage colors.

Turn another corner and there on the fence were some great oriental and African items. The tiger rug in wool and silk was a bargain at $225, but still outside of my budget. It would be such a happy piece to have beside my bed.

I've always liked the mud cloth fabrics; both colors and primitive graphic designs. I bought beads earlier in the week in colors that might end up as "African Stripes" patterns. Add these to matte black and a light cream (or white) and it just might be my summer String-Along.

I'm sitting here wondering if I should take one more trip back to Tucson and visit the African Village. If "African Stripes" becomes a reality, then where else would I have a whole show of design inspirations?


  1. Ms. Judith:

    Hope all is well. Where can I purchase the beautiful selection of African seed beads you have posted?

    1. those are Japanese Toho 8/0 seed beads. Most retailers will have them.