February 15, 2012

Native Stripes String-Along Progress

Everyone has been working away at their necklaces, a section at a time.  We are now up to section 8 with only 2 more to go.  So far the most popular motif has been the fish above.  I know of at least one fish bracelet that's been done.

 We've been sort of joking about having a second shift in this project.  Some of the participants didn't get started right away, or decided to totally change their colors out. 

Karen's sections 1 through 4 have a look of Viking work to me.  The grays and metallics make a rich, but beautifully subtle piece.

 Peggy has gotten to section 2 with her earthy & bright colors.  Don't they look like a New England Fall?

Melanie has used a unique bead soup, matte and shiny black beads and is up to section #3.

Now we can go back to the progress that the first shift is making. Terri is our speedy beader.  She actually almost keeps ahead of me.  It's nice to know right away how a section is going to play with the rest of the piece.

Here is Terri's necklace, through section #8, laid out as if it were a finished piece.  You can now begin to see what it's going to look like. 

Marty is doing a dark version. Both the light version (above) and this dark version really make the pattern parts show to good advantage.  Hers is also laid out as if it were a finished necklace.

Marlene is using the crayon bright color set and is up to section #6.
As you can see, with no real deadline, people are at all different stages. 

Now, we're not quite sure where Sandi fits in the timeline as she found a mistake, pulled everything out and then decided to change a couple of colors.  She's now finished section #6.  I have to say that the color changes makes for a more vibrant piece, however I would not have undone all of that hard work.

Some of the participants have also admitted to having more than one piece in the works as they kept seeing other neat color combinations.  One person has four necklaces going and jokingly said she's not had much time for other pursuits.

It's still quite a fun project and I love being able to foster such creativity.  Give a group like this some simple patterns and allow them to play with bead colors . . . . oh my, what results.

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