April 4, 2012

Bead Calculator

 I have a finger in a few projects and rather than mix them with my Bead Line web site, I've corralled them over at the Bordello. There is where you will find the software and applications that I and my partner, Ken Campbell have been working on.

Android Bead Calculator

If you have an Android Phone or Tablet, you might like what we've just finished.  This little calculator lets you put in how long of a bead crocheted rope you want.  Then you tell it the bead size and how many-around.  It gives you back how many inches to string, how much thread you need and how many grams of beads to buy.   Handy to have if you're in a bead store, think you might like to make a rope out of a certain bead, and can get your bead need estimates right then and there.  Just remember that all beads are not created equal and this only gives you an estimate.

Sorry, it doesn't help clean up your work table, just does some math for you.  Ken is as messy a beader as I am and this is what his table looks like.  I still do my math the hard way as I've not succumbed to being a cell phone carrier yet.

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