April 28, 2012

AZ for NH & decisions, decisions....

 My hedgehog cactus has out done itself with blooms this year.  It's funny to watch the bees completely bury themselves into the centers and then wiggle to get back out.  It's time to start organizing and packing up for the trek to New Hampshire for the summer.  Uck, a chance look-see under the car told us that we'd better go see a hitch expert.  Good thing it wasn't left to the last moment as bad things were cracking under there.  Monday we get to go sit and wait while a local shop builds (and installs) a new hitch under the back of the car. There goes the money for a couple of extra days sightseeing.

This is the worst of my decisions..... It's all got to be sorted out and put away.  Twice a year I have a completely clean studio and can actually see all of the horizontal surfaces.  What do I think I won't work on this summer?  What goes and what stays for next winter?  I guess wire experiments will stay as the anvil is here.  Of course, bead crochet goes as I always have something strung up to work on.

I've determined that July's string-Along will be African Stripes.  Have you ever thought about what it would be like to work in only two colors? Think two 42" necklaces; one in black & white (ecru) and the other in red, brown, green, yellow, black.  A sort of Mudd Cloth necklace paired with bright African beadwork necklace.

This project has to go as it's moving along. The resin magnetic clasps are getting to the point that I think I'll have usable ones soon. Getting opaque, Bakelite colors, has not been too successful.  I've also got lots of strange dodads from the leftover resin.   Seem's it's not easy to get the right quantity mixed for each pour.

OK, it's a 7 day count down.  Today I'll run out to my Sister's Jail for the 102nd year celebration and then shut down the creative things.  Then it's sort, organize, wash, sort, pack, clean, sort, and get on the road for New Hampshire.


  1. Anonymous4:32 PM

    I always feel sad this time of year when you talk about leaving for the summer. Just knowing you are not here is silly as how can I know the difference. Just read about it. Plan another get-togather when you return. Silly me. JoSafe trip.

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