April 19, 2012

Native Stripes eBook - advance copy

Pre-Publication Sale for $18, see details below.

 The eBook is off to the Editor who will make sure everything makes plain English sense.  Then it needs a final pass before it goes on sale at Bead-Patterns.  After having the danged computer eat some of my files, I'm glad to have it done to this point.

Click on the back cover to see the details of what you'll find inside.  There are 33 pages of graphs, patterns, hints, textile inspiration and photos.

If you don't like my bright bold colors, you can make it your own with your color set.  This is a rope crocheted by Mariana that used the exact same patterns and construction, but her own colors.  There is a photo of her finished necklace in the eBook Gallery.  It's a beautiful color difference.  What would you use for colors?

Sale Details:
The final price will be $19.95 at Bead-Patterns.
If you're willing to wait til Sunday or Monday (April 22-23)
you can pre-pay  $18 and reserve a copy directly
from me.  It will be electronically signed.  I will email your
eBook copy when it's finalized, but before it goes to
Bead-Patterns.  Just be aware that it's a large file and
will take some time to download in your email.

4/25/2012 - offer closed out - it's ready for public sale.

Update Note:
You've read this far and ....... I just noticed that my Blog has gone over 65,000 reads. My birthday is coming up next week also.  I need to double celebrate, and will give the 6th commenter on this blog post a free copy of the Native Stripes eBook.   Be sure to let me know what your email is.


  1. I think the first one should win! But I'll be happy to buy it. Gorgeous!!!

    Betty B
    Bijoux1@ Hughes.net

  2. I am the second but hey the bought the book anyway I can't wait to get it.

  3. I love the pattern and will definitely be adding the book to my wishlist. Unfortunately purchasing will have to wait.

    So I'm third ... one closer to the magic number 6

  4. Happy Birthday next week and congrats on your blog views. I LOVED participating in your online workshop for Native Stripes. I learned a lot through your guidance, suggestions and book. I learned from the others in your workshop who shared their photos, tips, tricks and resources. I am looking forward to your next online workshop. -Marlene

  5. Anonymous9:12 AM

    I'll be the fifth so that some lucky person can comment and win.


  6. Wonderful your "native Stripes"

    1. My e-mail is bettinamertz@hotmail.com