April 12, 2012

Native Stripes - Finished Necklaces

 The Native Stripes String-Along finished some time ago and I need to show you some of the beautiful results from it.  Above is the necklace that I did in sections.  I emailed those sections to the membership over a nine week period. I've had such pleasant feedback on how well the group interacted, shared, and commented on everything.  It was a lot of fun to do.
Click on a photo to see it full sized:

Sandi finished hers with the tassels and bands.  She used similar colors to mine but in great transparent matte colors.  It gives it a sort of Tuscan look.

Barbara added an extra touch of terracotta color to her necklace.  I especially like the change of bead soup at the center with the small triangles.

Mariana made two pieces, each with it's own unique look.  This one has a Southwestern look to it and showcases what a change of bead color can do.   Making the bead soup sections with a single color makes the pattern sections really stand out.

Mariana's second necklace used a dark bead soup with just flecks of color in it.  Exact same pattern set, but what an overall difference it makes.  This could very easily be thought to be Native American.

I've always emphasized that my patterns are just that, patterns, 
and you should make them your own.  Here are some delightful pieces that do just that.

Amy closed her necklace into an endless loop and added  needle woven beaded bead as a focal point.  A dark bead soup sets off the bright colors beautifully.

Toni chose a very rich Continental color scheme.  Isn't it a complete contrast to Amy's colors?

 Marty's vibrant colors just seem to float above the dark sections.

Here is another vibrant, almost flashy, color set.  Mel had an art bead focal made just for this necklace. Sari colors for sure.

Julie's necklace just says, "desert floor" to me: rocky, sandy, bits of greenery here and there.  She added another small twist with the drops in what was supposed to be a bead soup section.

Karen (Louisiana) seems to be drawn to the earthy colors.  It's hard to believe that this is all the same patterns as the above pieces.  It does have an aspect of "snake" to it.

Karen (Idaho) decided to finish hers as a lariat with art beads on the ends.  I think her use of the pink highlights in the patterns is quite effective.

Then we come to Terri and she really made this project her own. I love it when someone sees and makes something so completely different.  Terri stopped short of the full 70" necklace, closed it and began adding beaded rings to it. When she gets all of her rings on, it's going to be an outstanding example of bead crochet.

Some time before the end of April 2012, you will be able to make your own example of Native Stripes. I'm taking photos, moving text and components around for the eBook.  


  1. It's wonderful to see all the variations!

  2. Outstanding effort, inspirational for beginners

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous and more gorgeous! I am so sorry I had to miss this string-along!

  4. I'm amazed. Do you sell these?

  5. Hi, what is the price of the book. I'm interested in it. Thank you Louise Edwards

    1. Print Copy at Amazon

      eBook copy at Bead-Patterns

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  7. Sonia Vi10:15 PM

    One of my favorite bead crochet books!! Wonderful work!