April 25, 2012

Native Stripes ~ String-Along

Thinking of tropical Islands?  Sue K. had Hawaii in mind when she chose her colors.  She's a little bit left to do and then plans on adding beaded flowers to the cuff bands.  Her necklace is going to stand out where ever she wears it.

Meanwhile, the eBook has been published.  You can pick your own colors and make a Native Stripes of your own.

Bead Patterns is where you will find the download for this eBook as well as many of my other patterns.  If you and bead crochet don't agree, you can find most anything you want to bead at the site. 

Now I need to start organizing for my trip to New Hampshire for the summer.  We'll be leaving in 10 days and I need to get all the beads back into their containers for the trip. 

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  1. I've won the advanced copy, and it is great!
    Thank you so much Judith.