July 2, 2012

How many beads do I need? - Bead Crochet

Click here for Beads Needed Chart (PDF) - right link 7/3/2012 - sorry

I've had a few questions on "how many beads do I need to crochet that pattern in 8's, 11's, 15's, etc."  If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can download an app that will figure all of this for you. Here's some information on it... Bead Crochet Designer's Bead Needs.  I helped develop it, so I know it works quite well.

If you prefer to use pencil & paper to figure the beads needed, click on the link under the photo.  The chart is limited to only 6-around ropes, but covers 5 different bead sizes.  If you're out 'n about, buy beads, want to start stringing and crocheting right away, this is a quick and dirty calculation; length of desired rope (inches) X number-around.  OK, you want a 9" bracelet, in 8-around... simply multiply 9 x 8 for 72" of strung beads (estimated).

The Bead Crochet Ropes book does have a whole page of this kind of information and covers other number-arounds.  You can find the eBook edition over at www.bead-patterns.com .


  1. Thank you Judith for the info! I am teaching myself bead crochet,. I am an excellent crochet-er, but adding the beads is a little tricky. And of course the big question...how many beads do I need. Your info is tremendously helpful. Again, thank you.

  2. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Thanks for the info! I have been bead crocheting for quite a while but when working up my own designs started using much smaller beads and don't really like makiing swatches much....this was helpful in that haven't found too many ways to calculate 15/o and 13/os! Thanks!

  3. Wish you had this for iphone/ipad!

  4. Thanks a lot for the chart ! Also wish your app was available for iPhone/IPad

  5. Anonymous3:32 AM

    I agree with ParrotiseBeads, wish it was available for IPad xx

  6. Anonymous7:38 AM

    I want to purchase the app but unfortunately it has all bad feedback. And from the preview I can see why. The font is so tiny you can't read it.

  7. Anonymous5:10 PM

    I got the app but unfortunately, it is very difficult to use due to interface. Very small font and difficult to select what I want. Just have to click around randomly until something happens. Had to uninstall. Unusable on a phone.

  8. When will this app be available in Australia, please