July 6, 2012

Like Popcorn ~ African String-Along

Some days you can't stop at just one . . .  bracelet, that is.  African Stripes seems to be spawning bracelet ideas right and left.  It's fun to work in bright primary colors with first a black background and then a white background. As soon as I get one strung, before I even put crochet hook to thread, another possibility pops up to try out. This String-Along is going to be a prolific one for me. 

 Meanwhile, here is how the String-Along, Mud Cloth Necklace is progressing.  My piece, above, has two sections completed and the following photos are some member's work at section #1.

Terri is using a brown and cream mud palette

Debbie is also using browns, but more of a redish brown and cream

Karen has chosen such a regal cobalt and silver combination

 As opaque drops are non-existent, Marlene chose to put in a third color with the black drops

Toni has a goal of using beads she already has on hand. This could get interesting when we get to the second necklace and add in 4 more colors.

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  1. WOW!
    This is ao awesome.First time I mind that it is a snake photo.Then after some time I saw that it is a beads design.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this article.
    Munmun Nishi :)

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