July 17, 2012

Musical Interlude in Yellow & Black

Piano Roll Rope
 There are times when an idea, like a song, becomes embedded in your mind and you can't get rid of it. This was one of those moments.  I'm deep in the midst of doing  the African Stripes String-Along and then Rachel Nelson-Smith posts another Bead Project Challenge on FaceBook.....

Two things converged here. I'd wanted to revisit a favorite color combination of the 60's; yellow & black. Then Rachel proposed a second project to bead a song, music, or sound. Given the limited design canvas on a bead-crochet rope, I had to think about it.  Yellow/Black and bumblebees came to mind and just didn't go away.

While refreshing my ears with the sounds of Flight of the Bumblebee, I noticed the dits & dots rolling off  the top of the YouTube piano video. Thus was born my Piano Roll bead-crochet rope. The rightmost column of dits and dots became black Miyuki drops on a bumblebee yellow background.

I'm sort of smugly pleased with my concept. It satisfied my creative itch, got it out of my system and made a unique rope design.

This was my other foray into the yellow & black color combination.  I used the colors to swatch test a couple of design elements for the string-along.

Now I think I can go back to regularly scheduled bead-crochet string-along designs in black and white.


  1. Judy Deshaies7:59 AM

    Judith, your blog entries never fail to intrigue, amuse, and entertain. Thank you!

  2. Brilliant. I agree with Judy--intriguing, amusing, entertaining, educational and inspirational.