July 27, 2012

Stringing Error or Crocheting Error?

See the pattern on the left?  It doesn't look like what I designed.  It should look like the rope on the right. So, I take it out.  Crochet again and get the same problem in another part of the pattern.  It's the twist factor that seems to crop up when crocheting with beads larger than 11/0. How do you fix it?  Try the following before you rip any work out.  It might just need a push/pull/squish to put it all right.

click to enlarge and save the photo if you want a copy


  1. Anonymous1:21 PM

    I had a different problem crocheting with 8's - but only in one matte color! The crochet insisted on curling around...no amount of ripping out, cutting the thread, putting in new thread, and doing over cured the problem. I even showed the piece to Ann Benson who was as befuddled as me. Got an answer for this one??? I sure hope so. Jeanne

    1. I've never encountered that kind of problem. That's totally strange. No answer/solution to it.

  2. I have spotted the mistake - if you look at line 3 in red you will notice that there is an extra white bead woven in