July 27, 2012

African Stripes - Mud Cloth Variations

 We're almost finished with the first necklace.  You can see how the light half is going to look against the dark half.  I've found that it's a bit more difficult to design with only two colors as I've had to take negative space into consideration.  However, this one is exceeding my expectations.  I really like how it is pulling together.

This is my necklace, designed and crocheted with 8/0 beads.  However, look at what some of the participants are doing......
Can you believe this?  Cathey is doing the necklace in 15/0 beads with dark thread.  The smaller size coupled with more design repeats gives it a whole new look.
 Terri has opted to do hers in 11/0 beads.  Enlarge the photo to see that she's added extra drops to some of the patterns - extra texture.

 Peggy and at least one other participant is crocheting with 10/0 Delicas.  Her rope still looks African, but even more reminds me of Delft Tiles.  Look at how crisp the patterns come out.

Here is another royal blue beauty done with 8's.  Karen decided she liked the blue background so much that she wasn't swapping to a light background for the second half.  This cobalt and silver combination is just regal.

Victoria is the speedy beader and has three ropes going at the same time. She's trying out a couple of different color combinations.  Look at how beautifully subtle the right hand rope is.

So, what do you do when you need a necklace in a hurry to go with a particular outfit?   Amy grabbed the color swatch pattern and did up a necklace in black and yellow.  Bumblebees?  Honeycomb?  Whatever you call it, it's a great adaptation of one small pattern piece.

Once again.... one pattern and so many interpretations.... I love it when people don't hesitate to try different things and make  it their own.


  1. Nice to see different ropes together like this! Thank you for such a beautiful project :)

  2. Alle Ketten sehen wunderschön aus.

  3. Hi Judith,
    you have very beautiful works.... I love it