June 22, 2007

AZ to NH Vacation - #1

I have about 300 photos of my trip from AZ to NH and it's going to be hard to select just a few things to show you. I didn't work, I didn't bead, I just looked and visited......

The trip started in the hills of Tombstone with bright blue skies and almost 90 degree sunshine.

Tombstone was celebrating Wyatt Earp Days and was boisterous, loud and a lot of gutsy cowboy fun.

A bunch of us went to the Crystal Palace for a farewell dinner and did a bit of playing as well.


The car was packed with beads and sundry other necessities and we took off for the long drive to the East coast.


We were very lucky to have a personal tour of Payson, Arizona. The husband of a friend acted as tour guide and showed us things we never would have found on our own. Chuck is a dear and the very best tour guide I have ever encountered.

We saw the Mogollon Rim country from low to high as well as indigenous ruins and an watched an active forest fire.


Payson has some beautiful scenery as well as being where some of my very dear beading friends live.

The next stop was the North rim of the Grand Canyon. To my mind the views from that side beat the usual tourist stop at the South rim.

Spring was showing itself in the bright green of new growth on the pine trees. No wonder this is one of my favorite colors.

Bryce Canyon was worth the whole trip. Yes, I shuddered as we drove roads that turned curves and looked straight down.... and down and down! I had been through this area when I was about 14, but I really don't remember the spectacular views.


Mother Nature can sure put on a spectacular show.

Arches National Park was a bit of a disappointment as the arches looked more spectacular in the photos than in person. However, the tall, narrow, flat sandstone rock formations were formidable and I couldn't stop looking at the variations all over the place.

Driving route 12 through southern Utah was one picture post card after another. However, my co-driver accused me of putting my foot through the floor when riding shotgun up and down the narrow switchbacks. The heights gave me the willies, but I couldn't help looking at the sights that kept unfolding.

Even the motels in the area had unbelievable views - witness this one from my motel window.

We finished the first segment of our journey at the Mesa Verde cliff dwelling ruins. It's hard to believe the age and preservation of these houses. If you shut your eyes, you can almost hear the people going about their lives tucked up under the cliffs.

Next stop (post) will be home made pie at the Gifford House that led to beading experimentation in Albuquerque - stay tuned......

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  1. Anonymous2:57 AM

    I went to Mesa Verde last year. It was absolutely breathtaking...I think you have picked out two of the most beautiful places, the Southwest and Northeast. My three
    favorites are Cape Cod, North Carolina and Northern New Mexico
    Thanks for sharing about the Versa
    Loom too. Warpless weaving is fun.