June 24, 2007

To Beads from Rags!

Day 8 of AZ to NH Trip
....was spent with Rita and Dave Sova in Albuquerque NM.

This is what Sova Enterprises looks like. It's a small, home-based operation that brings us the great Bead Patterns site.

Put two creative heads together and you never know what will emerge. I was telling Rita about the twined rugs that I saw at the Gifford Homestead and what a simple, but interesting thing it was. Well, after "what-iffing" for a bit, Rita got out a Versa Loom and we raided her supplies for anything that might work using the twining principal. We used a "Sugar & Cream" cotton crochet thread to warp the loom with. It took the added help of a tapestry needle and crochet hook to get the warp
threads in place.

The technique is quite simple.... Double a piece of fabric (ribbon) and twine each side over and under the warp threads. You'd have to purchase the book for more in depth information and the many variations that could be done.

Not wanting to get too thick, yet retain the fabric feel of the original weaving, I used ribbon to start the piece with.... and twined several rows with the doubled ribbon. This makes a rather nice feeling fabric all by itself.

The next obstacle to overcome was beads that would fit over the ribbon. A size 6/0 Czech bead did the trick nicely and allowed me to see what would happen.

One row used one piece/side of the ribbon, and the next row the other piece. Nice "V" effect to the placement of the beads.

This is thick and a bit on the crude side, but the whole idea was to prove to ourselves that the rug technique could be translated to beads on the Versa Loom. However, with the materials that we used it would make a rather nice small purse.


The visit wasn't long enough to finish what I started. It was just long enough to prove to myself that it would work and had merit. I have enough on my plate at the moment to continue playing with this idea, so invite anyone out there to continue experimenting with the process and see what they can come up with. Both Rita and I think it has some great possibilities.

Tell me what you think.... is this a worthwhile idea to try with beads?

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  1. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Hey Judith....what a really neat idea and I'll bet I know just the gal to perfect it!! We have a beader, Flora, who can make that Versa Loom sing, whistle, and dance! I'll make sure she sees this.
    Hugs to you and thanks to you and Rita for a great idea.