June 17, 2007

5,000 miles ~ AZ to NH

Mexico, Canada & U.S.A. in 20 days
I'm back in NH for the summer. This trip I took a vacation - no workshops, no beading - just sightseeing and visiting. I hadn't had a real vacation in almost 30 years. Once I organize my photos and thoughts, I'll tell you about some of this great country that I got to see.

In short.....
I started in the dry, hot, sandstone rocks of the South West.

Cringed at Gas Prices.....

...well this was taken in Canada!

And ended in the granite hills of New Hampshire with nice weather all the way ~ only three very short spells of rain.

note - well to be completely honest it was 50 miles short of 5,000, but I like nice round numbers.


  1. Welcome back, Judith! I know everyone's eager to see you again!

  2. And you went through Detroit and didn't need a free room????

  3. p.s. But Welcome home!!!